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Turbo Prop Aircraft

Beech King Air 90

The King Air 90 has a spacious cabin layout and can seat five adults comfortably. A range of 1,321 nautical miles enables executives and leisure travelers to comfortably fly from Jacksonville, Florida to Key West, Florida non-stop.With a 50 percent larger cabin than very light jets, the King Air 90/90GTI/ 90GTIx is the premier light turboprop. A new improvement to the GTI includes a fully-integrated Collins Pro Line 21 avionics system. The King Air 90 is capable of cruising at speeds in excess of 260 mph, which make it highly competitive for short to medium distances with the new generation of very light jets currently being introduced to the charter market.

Manufacturer:  Raytheon
Class:  Turbo Prop
Seating:  7
Lavatory:  aft lav
Cabin Dimensions:  4.80 x 4.50 x 9.20 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  48
Max Payload:  3010 lb
Take Off Distance:  3500ft
Climb Rate:  2137 fpm
Cruise Speed:  270 mph
Maximum Range:  1347
Cruise Altitude:  30000 ft

Beech King Air 200

Typical cabin configurations allow the King Air 200 to carry eight passengers comfortably at a price per hour unmatched by any private jet. This jet can take off of runways as short at 3,500 feet, virtually impossible for most light and mid-size jets. Charter a King Air 200 for your business trip from Charleston, South Carolina to San Diego on a private jet charter and return home the same day. The most notable improvements to the King Air 90 were the introduction of the T-tail, along with increased cabin size, wing area and span. Additionally, Beechcraft improved the engine output power, cabin size and range. The King Air 200 has the ability to hit speeds of 289 mph and can cruise 1,800 miles.

Manufacturer:  Raytheon
Class:  Turbo Prop
Seating:  7-9
Lavatory:  belted potty
Cabin Dimensions:  4.90 x 4.60 x 16.80 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  55
Max Payload:  3870 lb
Take Off Distance:  3500ft
Climb Rate:  1500 fpm
Cruise Speed:  289 mph
Maximum Range:  1700
Cruise Altitude:  35000 ft

Beech King Air 350

With nine passengers the King Air 350 can cruise at speeds of 312 mph and has a range of 1,854 nautical miles. Private charter flights from Charleston, South Carolina to the Florida Keys on a jet charter flight are common. The 19-foot-long cabin is roomy and comfortable for longer flights. Additional modifications were made to dramatically improve aerodynamics and power. The King Air 350/350 Super charter jet is the paramount twin engine turbo-prop produced by Beechcraft. The next generation of the King Air 200, the King Air 350 has a T-tail which provides enhanced stability on take-off and landing. This premier turboprop can soar up to an altitude of 35,000 feet, increasing safety and comfort for all of its passengers.

Manufacturer:  Raytheon/Beechcraft
Class:  Turbo Prop
Seating:  7-9
Lavatory:  aft lav
Cabin Dimensions:  4.90 x 4.60 x 19.60 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  55
Max Payload:  5574 lb
Take Off Distance:  3300ft
Climb Rate:  2731 fpm
Cruise Speed:  312 mph
Maximum Range:  1600
Cruise Altitude:  35000 ft

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