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Traveling with a pet does not have to be a traumatic or risky experience! In fact, pet travel by private jet allows both you and your furry friend to appreciate the calming reassurance of being with each other all through your journey.  As anyone who's traveled with a pet knows, nothing beats the comfort and peace of mind of knowing your companion is safe and sound, right next to you. The Executive Jet Club will work closely with you to ensure that you have all the proper documentation and knowledge of pet travel guidelines, enabling you and your pet to reach your destination safely, happily, and of course, together! Enjoy the ability to check on the well-being and happiness of your companion throughout the flight.If you're planning on taking a pet on your next trip, it doesn't get easier or safer than with The Executive Jet Club.

Legal Requirements for Jet set pets.

As long as the pet owner provides current documentation for their pet, The Executive Jet Club can handle the rest by working through the appropriate channels to ensure that your trip is as smooth as possible for both you and your pet. While each country has different guidelines regarding traveling with pets, private pet travel provides far more flexibility and peace of mind.

What are the advantages of private travel for pet owners?

Private travel can be a great alternative for pet owners who want to avoid the risks, stress, and inconvenience of flying commercially with their companions.

  • Size regulations are becoming more and more strict on commercial airlines, rendering pet owners with large animals very little flexibility when traveling.

  • All airlines also limit the amount of animals you are allowed to transport. Furthermore, most airlines only allow one small animal per passenger; additional animals must be stowed unsafely in the cargo hold.

  • Breed restrictions limit some pet owners from traveling with their pets entirely.

  • Flying privately allows you to give your pet personal attention and monitor their well-being throughout the flight.

  • During both warmer and colder months, many airlines do not allow pets to travel in the cargo hold due to increased risk and liability issues.

  • Flying with your pet in the cabin is significantly safer than in a cargo hold and much more comfortable than stowed under another passenger's seat.

Requirements for Pet Travel in the USA

  • Up-to-date rabies vaccinations are required when traveling through any part of the country.

  • Cats and dogs must also be at least 8 weeks old.

  • Animals must be weaned.

  • Some states also require health certificates from a veterinarian.

For owners concerned with the safety and comfort of their pets during air travel, flying by private charter is clearly the most reliable option.Flying with your pet does not have to be a stressful experience.

Speak with one our Executive Jet Consultants at +1 888 777 1664 or send us an email anytime. You can also get a quick quote online for pet travel charter flights to and from any destination in the world instantly.

Clients are responsible for any and all soiling or damage caused by the guest or pet, including cleaning, repair and replacement of any part of the aircraft and any associated downtime or lost revenue caused by the soiling, damage, cleaning or repair. A refurbishment charge will apply to any pet allowed flight.


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