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Private Jet Charter Services


Business and Corporate Jets

With our corporate private jet and helicopter sercvice, you will never be late for your important business meetings. Some of the benefits include; flexible departure times, closest airports and helipads, private VIP terminals, on board internet and satellite phone, cost effective point to pont pricing.

Air Taxi

We can provide affordable and comfortable jet and helicopter rental over short distances, 24 hours a day for same day flexible schedules to multiple destinations. Your own dedicated crew on stand by for the duration of your trip. Able to adapt to last minute changes and any on-board catering requirement.

Sports Charters

Catering to any Group size; friends, work colleagues, family, executives, sponsors, special VIP guests, making hassel-free transfers, accommodation, and ground transportation to and from the venues and hotels.

Helicopter Charter and Aerial Photography

Our worldwide helicopter rental services encompass the widest range of rotary wing solutions to fit any charter requirement. Taking you to remote areas, hotel helipads, oil rigs and off-shore platforms, ports and city centre helipads. Specialising in high altitude and ski destinaions in the Swiss Alps and Canada. Aerial photography helicopter solutions.

Medevac-Medical Evecuations and Emergencies

We have a wide range of highly sophisticated, medically equipped helicopters and medically equipped jets and turbo props, from short haul medivac helicopters, fitted with top of the range medical equipment, to heavy jets for long distance charter.

Cargo Charters

Providing the perfect solution for all your Cargo charter needs. From the smallest document, to large oversized items. The widest range of Cargo helicopters and Cargo jets to choose from. Services to remote destinations, 24 hours a day and last minute requirements.

Luxury Yacht Charter and Rental Services

Offering you the widest choice of Worldwide Luxury Yachts at the most affordable rates. Including all on board services, fully crewed, at worldwide destinations. We work alongside some of the biggest names in the Yacht Charter business, bringing excellent services alongside the best prices to our jet charter clientele.

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Fair Pricing

Enjoy an unsurpassed level of service at the most cost effective private jet charter rates with The Executive Jet Club.

Absolute confidentiality and anonymity

With a personal dedicated jet charter account manager, available 24/7 to cater to your every private charter need, taking the stress out of your travel arrangements, minimising wait times, and pampering you with luxury.


We will work with your security personnel and can even supply additional tailor-made security packages.

Coordination like clockwork

Coordination with your PA's to make sure that all your private charter requirements, from the choice of cuizine, to in-flight entertainment, to jet aircraft specifications, are not only met but surpassed.


All our priavet jets and crew are thoroughly vetted to the highest international safety standards, regular checks, and the latest technology.

Experienced Staff

With a dedicated account manager available to you 24/7, absolutely every Private Jet Charter requirement is dealt with professionally and without delay.




Medical Emergencies and Medevac Solutions
  • Medical Emergencies- Medevacs, require immediate and effective action. Often a quicker means of transport is required in order to perform life-saving surgery or to get to proper medical facilities at very short notice.

  • A helicopter ambulance or jet ambulance aircraft is the ideal solution for these kinds of medical emergencies. Our team is available round the clock in order to find the right solution and ensure that any emergency is dealt with swiftly and professionally.

  • We have a wide range of highly sophisticated, medically equipped helicopters and medically equipped jets and turbo props, from short haul medivac helicopters, fitted with top of the range medical equipment, to heavy jets for long distance charter.

  • All medevac aircraft are fitted with the latest in medical technology, and come with highly trained medical professionals, paramedics, doctors and nurses.

  • We cover a wide range of medevac services, including emergency vehicles for ground transportation, paramedic teams, patient relocation and organ transportation, to and from anywhere globally. We can usually scramble an aircraft, crew and paramedics at very short notice, even with as little as 2 hours notice.

  • For an immediate medevac solution please contact one of our experienced consultants, who are fully trained to assist and advise, day or night.

Aircraft Branding

We can brand your private jet externally and internally to suit your exact needs, including in-flight entertainment, headrest covers check in desks, exterior decals, boarding announcements and on board menus.

Local Knowledge

Our in-depth local knowledge means that you can land closer to you final destination, making use of smaller airports and serviced landing areas.

Aircraft Rep

We can also arrange to have representation on board to assist your passengers with any on board requirements or schedule changes.

Unlimited Luggage

As you have access to the entire luggage hold, there is a much greater deal of flexibility with regards to baggage allowance and any restrictions.

Customisable Menus

With totally customisable menus, we can cater to every individual on board, and make sure that all dietary or religious requirements are catered to.In today's world of high tech industry, time is money and every extra second that you spend on travel counts towards your costs.





Why Charter a private jet?

  • Hiring a private jet or aircraft helps you to keep 10 steps ahead of your competition, while saving you the cost and hassel of owning and running your own aircraft.

  • A luxury private jet allows you the comfort and privacy, which could be crucial in giving you the extra time and quiet to prepare for a meeting or catch up on that much needed rest, thus making your travel time more lucrative.

  • Our VIP in flight catering and entertainment will make you feel like you are in a 5 star hotel while being able to keep those all important lines of communication open for business, with internet access, telephone lines and fax machines.

  • Our Jet Charter Flight Watch service means that you can contact us anytime of the day or night for information,  just for a chat, or if there are any important changes  to your schedule.

  • In some cases we can arrange for extended working hours at airports and even arrange for replacement aircraft for an unscheduled onward journey.

  • Our in-depth knowledge of local aircraft, airports and flight procedures and permit requirements,  helps us give you a wide selection of aircraft options to choose from, getting you as close to your final destination as possible, with the least amount of hassel and the ultimate in comfort, luxury and convenience.

  • We will help you choose the aircraft that best suits all your needs, with multi-lingual crew and cabin attendants and the very latest technology, in terms of on-board communications systems and entertainment and in flight VIP catering. You will fly in style and luxury, with multimedia systems, fully reclinable seats and lie-flat beds.

  • Our Private Jets Charter Service includes First-class cuisine, wine and spirits selection to choose from and gourmet meals created specially to match your culinary and dietary tastes.

  • You will save time on check in, avoiding lengthy queues and delayed flights.

  • You will also benefit from extra baggage allowance for ski or golf equipment.

Cargo Charters
  • Cargo charters are an extremely important facet of our business.

  • As we coordinate hundreds of flights worldwide, we are perfectly positioned to provide a comprehensive service, sometimes at extremely short notice, to seemingly unreachable destinations worldwide.

  • We provide Cargo charter solutions for the oil and gas industry, shipping and automobile industries, with the capability of flying into varied locations worldwide; oil fields, off-shore rigs,  regions in strife or political instability, transporting aircraft parts, vehicles/parts, marine and aircraft engines and turbines, drilling equipment,  war zones and natural disaster zones, delivering vital supplies, emergency relief and humanitarian aid.

  • For a full list of our cargo aircraft please click on the Cargo Aircraft Guide above and contact us 24/7 should you require additional details or a formal quotation. With a worldwide network of dedicated cargo charter specialists, we will provide you with the most cost effective solution. We can usually get your freight in the air within a few hours of charter confirmation.

  • We work with NGO's and various other Government and Relief organisations providing rapid relief for  places like Haiti, tsunami hit areas in South East Asia, and  war zones like Iraq, Afghanistan and North Africa.




With an endless list of destinations....bringing the world to your doorstep

  • Private Jet Charter United Kingdom- London (Gatwick, Heathrow, Oxford, London City, Farnborough, Northolt, Southend, Biggin Hill, Luton), Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Glasgow, Edinborough, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool. Leeds, Newcastle, Cardiff, Belfast ....

  • Private Jet Charter United States- New York, Miami, Fort lauderdale, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, Chicago, Houston, San Jose, Charlotte, Detroit, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Oklahoma, Tucson, Kansas, Atlanta, Tulsa, New Orleans, Arlington, Tampa, St Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinatti, Buffalo, Orlando, Mathas Vinyard, Akron, Knoxville, Santa Rosa, Sioux Falls, Syracuse

  • Private Jet Charter Russia- Moscow, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Omsk, Kazan, Ufa, Volggrad, Perm, Krasnoyarsk, Voronezh, Saratov, Krasnodar, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Smolensk.

  • Private Jet Charter France- Paris, Nice, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Rennes, Montpellier, Avignon, Nancy, Dijon, Mulhouse, Nimes, Chambery, Annesy, Valence, Cannes.

  • Private Jet Charter Switzerland- Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Lousanne, Bern, Lucerne, Lugano, Sion, Courchevel, St Moritz, Samedan.

  • Private Jet Charter Thailand- Bangkok, Ko Samui, Phuket, Chiang Mai

  • Private Jet Charter Singapore

  • Private Jet Charter Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh

  • Private Jet Charter India-Delhi, Mumbai, Madras, Calcutta, Goa

  • Private Jet Charter Germany-Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Dresden, Bremen, Hanover, Nuremburg.

  • Private Jet Charter Italy-Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Genoa, Florence, Bologna, Bari, Catania, Venice, Verona, Trieste, Perugia, cagliari, Rimini, Bolzano, Syracuse, Pisa.

  • Private Jet Charter United Arab Emirates-Dubai, Abu Dhabi, sharjah, Ajman

  • Private Jet Charter Saudi Arabia- Riyadh, Mecca, Jeddah, Medina.

  • Private Jet Charter Spain-Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Palma Majorca, Ibiza, Malaga, Murcia, Bilbao, Alicante, Cordoba.

  • Private Jet Charter Brasil- Sao Paulo, Rio de Janerio, Salvador, Brasilia, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Manaus, Recife, Porto Alegre, Natal, Teresina,

Standard Charter Terms and Conditions: These terms and Conditions apply to all Charter Bookings.


  • De-icing is not included in the Charter price.

  • All bookings are subject to contract.

  • Full payment is required in order to make a booking.

  • All quotes and contracts are subject to continued aircraft availability at the time of booking.

  • In the case of non availability of any aircraft, for any reason,  The Executive Jet Club Inc reserves the right to substitute any aircraft booked for one of equivalent or higher specification, subject to availability.

  • All internal flights are subject to Sales taxes as dictated by the country, unless otherwise stated.

  • The Charter Price excludes any changes to itinerary as listed above, de-icing, war-risk insurance, additional crew proceedings and any additional landings, re-routes, demurrage or flight hours, plus any additional catering order and use of in-flight telephone or ground transportation.

  • An increase in passenger numbers may affect the price of the Charter.

  • Flights are subject to obtaining slots, and overflight permissions and permits.

  • Date of positioning flight is considered as date of departure (this may not always be the day of departure as it is occasionally necessary to position the previous day, to accommodate early departures, crew duty etc).

  • Credit card payments are subject to transaction fees. These fees may vary.

  • Cancellation terms very as per Contract.

Worldwide Locations

Toll Free 24/7: +1 888 777 1664

UK (London): +44 203 051 6804

Russia (Moscow) :   +7 499 918 4340

USA (Miami): +1 786 507 5532

Switzerland(Geneva): +41 22 518 0088

France(Nice) :    +33 9 75 18 54 28

Brazil(Sao Paulo): +55 11 3958 4882



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